Magimix Cook Expert


The Magimix Cook Expert takes food processors to the next level. It doesn’t just prep meals, it’s a cooking food processor! From starter through to dessert, this beauty simmers, steams and bakes, and it will become indispensable in your kitchen. With the 3.5-litre thermo bowl and induction heating system, you can cook a huge range of dishes. These include, but are not limited to (!), risottos, soups, stews, purees, cakes, breads, chocolate mousse and frozen desserts. Magimix even supply you with ample inspiration: the multifunction food processor comes with a book boasting 300+ recipes specifically created for the Cook Expert, as well as a FREE app for your smartphone or tablet. The Magimix Cook Expert features 12 automatic programmes to prep everyday and special-occasion dishes, while the blender function takes care of nourishing smoothies or a refreshing crush. On top of that, it still offers all the functions of a regular Magimix food processor. Grate carrots, slice cucumbers, chop onions, create home-made mayo or pesto, whisk eggs—the list goes on. It even has an automatic rinsing feature. 

Food Processor Bowls—Use & Capacities: 

  • 3.5-litre Stainless Steel Bowl for cooking task, using the bake, expert or blender programme
    3.6-litre Main Bowl: mince, mix, chop, knead, grate, slice, emulsify
    Soup: 1.8 litres
    Meat: 1.4kg
    Carrots: 1.4kg 
  • 2.6-litre Midi Bowl: slice & grate all types of prep (fruits, veges, cheese) 
  • 1.2-litre Mini Bowl: chop herbs, onions, small quantities; make salad dressings

FREE Accessories when You Buy the Magimix Cook Expert: 

  • Extra-wide feedtube – slice/grate whole or large pieces of fruit & veg 
  • 2 stainless steel Sabatier blades (for main & mini bowls)  
  • Steamer basket – steam fish, meat & veg 
  • Universal blade – simmer, blend, knead, crush ice, mix etc. 
  • Metal blade – chop meat & fish 
  • Egg whisk – whisk egg whites & creams for desserts 
  • 2mm slicing/grating disc 
  • 4mm slicing/grating disc 
  • Spatula – shaped to match the contours of the metal bowl 
  • Storage box 
  • Kitchen scales (2g to 10 kg) 
  • Recipe book – 300 exciting ideas from starters to desserts 
  • FREE cook app