Food Processor - 3200XL Satin


All it takes is three buttons (stop/auto/pulse) to use all the different functions. The motor automatically adjusts the power depending on what’s in the mixing bowl.

SIMPLE 100 Recipe Cookbook provides you with mouth-watering ideas for everything from Celebration Cakes to 3-Course Dinners.
All accessories are dishwasher safe.
Accessory box for compact and safe storage.

EFFICIENT 3 bowls allow you to effortlessly carry out several tasks in quick succession.
Main Bowl: ideal for all preparations of large quantity
Midi Bowl: ideal for all types of slicing & grating
Mini Bowl: with specific mini blade for small quantities

ROBUST Manufactured in France.
Powerful and efficient, ultra-quiet induction motor with a reassuring 30 year guarantee.
All parts and accessories are also made in France and come with a 3 year guarantee.