Geneva Audio

Based in Switzerland, Geneva Lab adds simplicity to sophisticated electronic products. Experts from a range of industries – including industrial design, fashion, and technology – hold their creations in high regard for their distinct balance of performance, simplicity, style, and sustainability.

A passion for innovation, design and ease-of-use pushes the dedicated development team forward every single day. From all-in-one hi-fi systems to elegant portable DAB+/FM/Bluetooth speakers, they aim to create products that are a joy to use, a pleasure to live with, and that give music lovers around the world incredible sound quality without compromise.

Although the products looks very low tech and with a simple user interfaces, the inside contains the latest technology available. To place a 600W amplifier, a CD slot loader and two large sub-woofers in a single wood cabinet is hugely challenging. Heat and vibration are major issues that had to be overcome. Geneva was one of the first companies using powerful digital amplifiers, as it was the only solution to the heat issues.